Pose and Play Yoga

pose and play kids yoga

Pose and play yoga specializes in mindfulness, meditation, stretching, yoga poses all while having loads of fun! Our class has games, original music, as well as other tools and activities to help children focus their minds and stretch their bodies, all while having loads of fun. 

Pose and Play Yoga is currently in the after school program for Soledad Unified School District. Please check back April 13, 2020 for spring and summer registration times.


$24 per 4 class session

(4 week session)

$30 class session

(5 week session)


Individual class sign-ups not available 


Class schedule below by age group. 

Located at 751 front in the lum building 

Registration at the Soledad Pool 

Parent and child  2yrs - 4 yrs

Ages 4yrs - 6yrs

Ages 7yrs - 10yrs