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The Soledad-Mission Recreation District strives to enrich our community through the provisions of facility and programs that enhance wholesome, healthy and positive recreation. 

Our focus is on quality and variety. We want you to be an active part of your Recreation District.

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At the Soledad-Mission Recreation District, we are striving to enrich our community through the provisions of facilities and programs that enhance positive, wholesome and healthy recreation.


Building community is our goal. Through community partnerships and listening to our people we are cultivating and growing to build a community for all. Browse our website to see how you can be a part of recreation in your community.

New & Upcoming

As of today March 13 we are suspending all programming and open facility hours until March 31. This comes after an emergency meeting of all south county local government officials, and the announcement of all school closures in Monterey County until March 31. We will be providing updates and information as we receive it. At this point we want to encourage our community to follow the CDC guidelines to prevent disease transmission. As of today March 13 we are suspending all programming and open facility hours until March 31. This comes after an emergency meeting of all south county local government officials, and the announcement of all school closures in Monterey County until March 31. We will be providing updates and information as we receive it. At this point we want to encourage our community to follow the CDC guidelines to prevent disease transmission.

Programs will resume and more information will be available at that time.

Business Hours

Business hours are hours available for questions, registrations, phone calls, etc. Business hours DO NOT reflect pool hours

2020 Programs and events

Under the direction of Executive Director, Frances Bengtson, Soledad's recreation is expanding to reach all members of our community. We believe in the "need to do recreation" as an essential element of the human body and positive psychology. Recreation activities often done for enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure is also a great way to stay healthy and fit. Improving your individual health and quality of life can improve the quality of health of our community.

Our programs and events are planned out to provide the highest quality experience for our members by following our core values:

Be positive & cheerful. Know your people. Work with integrity not just honesty. Teach peace. Give back. 

Browse our 2020 programs and events list below to see how recreation can impact your life.

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February - September 

Group Swim Lessons

Group lessons consists of eight (8) thirty (30) minute classes that challenge children to progress through the levels at their own pace. Ages 4 - 16

Andy Sarabia


May - September 

Adult Group Lessons

If you have a fear of  the water or you are preparing for a triathlon our instructors are here to meet your needs. All levels are welcome. Beginning May 6

Mariah LaCroix


February - September

Late night swims

Looking for a fun activity on a Friday night? Come to our late night swims for fun night of games, music and more! Visit our events page to see when our next swim is.

Lizeth Sosa

Junior Female Softball Team

January - May 

Girls Softball

Spring girls softball has been with the recreation district since 2007. Registration is currently open and will close February 7. Sign up early for maximum fundraising opportunity. 

Ricky Amador

Yoga Class Participants

Year round

Patio Yoga (Adults) 

Every Wednesday Join the rec staff in an hour workout, there is no instructor here just useful DVDs and positive attitudes. Great way to meet new people are just starting their get fit journey. Visit our book online page to sign up today! 

Andy Sarabia

Pool Job (3 of 9).jpg

February - September

Swim times & options

Choose the right swim times for you: lap swim, recreation swim, family swim or water walking. 

Andy Sarabia


Year round

Adult Art

S.M.R.D has been bringing art to our community since 2013 be it step by step paintings, crafting, open art studio time our goal is to provide you with the opportunity to grow your skills. 

Andy Sarabia


Trivia night @ Taste of Pinaccles

Trivia night is a new monthly event hosted at Taste of Pinnacles. Join us once a month as we test our knowledge from topics of general knowledge, pop culture, history and more! Visit our Events Page to see when our next event is.

Andy Sarabia

June - August


Starting at age 3 till age 11 summer cheer will teach your child the fundamentals of cheer with activities in a fun and interactive setting. Summer registration opens April 13. 

Andy Sarabia


February - September

Private Lessons 

An alternative to group lessons where customers get a personalized experience. Each lesson is individualized, personalized and tailored to the customer experience. 

Mariah LaCroix

February - September 

Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics is a great exercise without any strain or injury to your joints. Everyone can do it from pregnant mothers to experienced athletes. 

Briana Barrios

Karate Practice

Year Round

Danzan Ryu Jitsu

This is a physical discipline with elements of self-defense. Beginner and intermediate levels welcome. Ages 7 and up welcome. 8 lesson punch cards are available at the Soledad Pool office. Classes held at 751 Front street. 

Hector Bugarin

June, July 

Jr. Guard Training

This teen program is a great way to learn about taking on new responsibilities. First aid techniques and make new friends! Summer program registrations opens April 13

Andy Sarabia

Drawing Together

Year round

Family Art Time

Change your routine! Get creative! Our instructors will guide you through the entire painting step by step and you will leave with a fun creation at the end of the class. Rec district has been about of growing art in our community since 2013. Visit our events page to sign up for our next class. 

Ashliegh Burgos

Pool Job (1abcde).jpg

February - September

Private Pool Rentals

Renting the Soledad Pool is a great opportunity to have your special event! Birthday parties, family gatherings and more! Reservations are only done in person at the Soledad Pool office. 

Andy Sarabia

Theater Group

June - August 

Youth Acting Program 

Ever thought about being an actor? Here's your chance to explore what that means for you! This summer program works on showing emotions, character building, and auditioning. Summer registration opens April 13. 

Andy Sarabia

November - December

Holly Jolly Xmas Tree Raffle 

This yearly raffle gives you the chance to with the Christmas tree of your dreams or Christmas cash  Visit our web-page to see our past winners! 

Andy Sarabia

June - August 

Guitar Lessons

Summer guitar lessons gives you the chance to receive some hands-on learning! This program is personalized and can be tailored to your needs. Summer registration opens April 13. 

Andy Sarabia


February - September 

Infant Swim Lessons

Parent & child swim lessons introduce infants, toddlers and parents to the water, water safety techniques, holds in water environments and water independence. 

Ashliegh Burgos


March - September 

Dolphin Swim Team

This competitive swim team is a great opportunity to improve individually while being part of a dynamic team, all while meeting new friends and getting a great workout. 

Mariah LaCroix


Currently in school districts

Pose & Play Yoga

Pose and Play yoga is a new youth program that specializes in mindfulness, meditation, stretching and yoga poses. All while having loads of fun! Pose and Play yoga is currently in the Soledad Unified School District's. Spring registration will open April 13.

Ashliegh Burgos

Pool Job (7 of 14).jpg

February, April, June

Lifeguard Training

Becoming a lifeguard through the American Red Cross is your opportunity to build your resume and show the world what you can do! Visit our events page to sign up for one of our 3 lifeguard courses. 

Frances Bengtson

Womens Race Practice

April 25, 2020


Try-a-Tri(athlon) invites racers to test out their skills in this mini triathlon

Race begins and ends at the Soledad swimming pool with a 300 meter swim (12 laps); followed by an 10 mile bike ride out and back Metz Road; finishing off with a 2.5 mile run around the Soledad community. Visit our events page to sign up for this cash prize competition! 

Andy Sarabia

Light Bulb Poster

Valentines, Mothers & Fathers Day.

Shout Your Love

Shout Your Love creates an online platform for you to share your love with hose whom your hold dear in your heart. Lets make our lives all about love, kindness, compassion and positivity. Lets lead with love. 

Andy Sarabia


June - August 

Summer Day Camps

S.M.R.D day camps are an all inclusive based day camp. Our day camps have a different focus and series of activities aimed at increased social consciousness, inclusion, and character development. These one week camps offers daily activities related to the theme of the camp and a community service project as a part of the curriculum. Summer Day Camp registration opens April 13

Andy Sarabia

June - August


Summer tennis offers appropriate drills and USTA teaching formats to challenge players. We aim to improve your tennis game, make new friends & have some fun under the sun. Summer registration opens April 13.

Andy Sarabia

March - September

Water Zumba

Water Zumba is an extension of our Water Aerobics class. Our instructors are commited to learning new and exciting ways to get your fit journey starting in the 2020 year! Check back February 2020 for updates on this new year round program.

Andy Sarabia