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  • 2022 End of season recap (PDF)

Spring 2023 Girls Softball

What's Next

Update Dated February 15, 2023.


Player Evaluations

When: February 18,

Ages 8-10: 12pm

Ages 11-14: 1pm

Ages 5-7: 2pm

Where: Jesse Gallardo Park, Soledad.

What: 8-14 Age Divisions are asked to attend evaluations. Each girl will be given a number and will be required to step forward say their name first and last name, and participate in throwing, Hitting, and catching, in Field and outfield. All coaches are expected to attend. 5-7 Girls - Get out and Play, Fun and Warm up to the season.


Players Draft

When: February 20, 6:00 – 8:00pm

Where: Round Table Pizza, Player Draft. (Head Coaches Only)

What: All Head Coach Paperwork Due. All Practice Schedules Finalized. All Team Color choices and Names are finalized.


Parents Meeting

When: February 23, 6:30 – 8:00pm.

Where: Rose Ferrero School.

What: 45 Minutes: League Information

45 Minutes: Team Meetings & Finalize information.

Finalize Jersey Sizes and orders.

Finalize player shirt orders Player assigned number.

Team Meetings


Fundraiser: Candy apples are $13. Due March 9 to head coach. Prior to March 9, the Coach or adult of their designation will collect all money for Fundraising Items, will complete the Team order form, give players back original order forms, and total orders, and confirm and turn in the entire team’s order and payments to the District offices.

Become a Volunteer.

Coaches & Team parents 

All volunteers are required to be finger printed.

Final day to turn in volunteer packet & livescan is February 24, 2023. 


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More information

Softball comes with the good feelings of being part of a group effort -- which of course, improves your feeling of self-worth. Practicing with a group can help strengthen bonds, build confidence, and lower stress. Kids benefit big time from the increase in self-esteem you'll get from playing softball-- it helps them resist social pressure and learn to trust their peers.

It's also worth pointing out that being exposed to the reality of competition, preparing for games and learning to deal with performance anxiety is something that helps kids deal with high-pressure situations in school and beyond.

Because there are so many different elements in the game, softball provides full-body conditioning. Kids who play the sport will improve their hand-eye coordination and cardiovascular health.

The game involves running, swinging, and throwing--making it the perfect opportunity to build muscle strength, increase endurance, and more.

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