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Now Hiring! 

Are you responsible, good-natured and have a passion for improving your life and the lives around you? Then we need you!

Send resume to

Resume preferred for all supervisory roles 



Pay Scale: $18 - $25


Pay Scale: $15 - $19

Swim Instructor 

Pay Scale: $15 - $19



Pay Scale: $18 - $25

The Soledad-Mission Recreation District is looking for qualified individuals who want to be part of a growing company that strives to enrich the community through aquatic and nonaquatic programs and events.

We are willing to train qualifying candidates, if you are responsible, friendly and have a passion for improving your quality of life, we want you. Compensation to match level of experience and knowledge. We offer incentives for people who are easy to manage and who help us to grow. We want positive and innovative people who like to work in a high energy atmosphere where creativity is appreciated and rewarded.

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