Group Swim Lessons 

$62 per session

$10 non-resident fee

The Soledad-Mission Recreation District's swim lesson program consists of eight (8) thirty (30) minute classes that challenge children to progress through the levels at their own pace. Registration must be done in person at the Soledad Pool office on or after registration open dates (See below). For more information continue reading below. 

Free swim evaluations

Scheduled time is always 4:00pm – 5:00pm. First come, first serve.


May 20, 25, 27

June 3, 8, 10, 22, 24

July 6, 8, 20, 22

August 3, 4, 26, 31

Swim Levels


1. Yellow – Water Introduction - 

2. Orange – Primary skills  -

3. Red – Stroke Readiness -

4. Green – Stroke Development -

5. Blue – Stroke refinement -

6. Purple – Stroke proficiency -


Must be 3 1/2 years old

Can submerge in water every time

Swim 3 strokes freestyle & backstroke

Can swim in deep end

Master of breaststroke 

Master of butterfly

Common age

3 - 5 

4 - 6

6 and up 

6 and up 

8 and up 

8 and up

Fall Class Schedule

Fall classes begin August 9

Monday and Wendesday OR Tuesday and Thursday classes meet 4:00pm till 6:30pm With classes running every 30 minutes.

Registration opens

August 3

August 26

September 23

Session Dates

August 8 - September 1

September 5 - September 29

October 3 - October 27





Additional Information

Soledad-Mission Recreation District Swim Lessons promises to teach water safety in around all environments to participants of all ages. Visit our parent & child swim lessons or adult swim lesson web pages for more information on swim lessons of those ages. Swimming is a lifelong sport and a skill that can be learned at any age. Should you begin your swim life at a young age this is what your swim journey may look like at the S.M.R.D


Group swim lessons are for participants ages 3 ½ with day care/sitter experience till 16 years of age. Early age swimmers (3 - 6 years of age) are learning about class settings (how to be in a class and listen to an instructor) as well as water safety around water environments. This age group is mastering the front and back floats and introduced to the fundamentals of elementary backstroke and freestyle arms and kicks. In the S.M.R.D swim lesson program "yellow" and "orange" are the two colors that focus on these skills.  


Youth swimmers (ages 6+) expand from their learning to learn both the professional freestyle & backstroke while beginning to grow their confidence skills as they slowly make their way down to the deep end. In the S.M.R.D swim lesson program "red" is the color that focuses on these skills.  

Preteen & teen swimmers continue their learning with the  breaststroke, a complicated swim with alternating arm and feet movements. In the S.M.R.D swim lesson program "green" is the color that focuses on these skills.  

After this stroke is mastered, swimmers then learn the butterfly stroke, the final and most difficult stroke to learn. In the S.M.R.D swim lesson program "blue" is the color that focuses on these skills.  

Once mastered, swimmers learn the fundamentals of competitive swimming: water entries, dives, starts, etc. Swimmers at this stage in the S.M.R.D group lesson program are able to test out and sign up for the Dolphin Swim Team or sign up for our "purple" class. Following the dolphin swim team swimmers advance to the Soledad High School summer preparation team or high school swim team to continue their lifelong journey of swimming. 

During a swimmers journey parents are strongly encouraged to remain positive with their child's learning. Positive reinforcement is one of the fundamentals of the Soledad-Mission Recreation District programs and this practice must be taken home. During your child's swim journey they may hit a plateau, a place in their swim where they body and/or mind is not ready or capable of taking on new swim challenges. If you see this in your child please talk with us so we can determine the best choice to continue to your child's swim journey. Parents are always welcomed to ask questions about how classes are run as well as communicate concerns to front line staff.

Our instructors teach on a strict time limit and may not always have time to discuss your child swims journey in detail. Front line staff can coordinate time to ensure your child is receiving the highest quality swim experience.

Soledad-Mission Recreation District Swim Instructors receive a quality training with shadow hours before their first class with your child. We limit 4 students to one instructor, 5 students for higher classes (blue, purple.) Alternative options are available for those who may not learn best in a group setting.  We provide timely responses to concerns or complaints. S.M.R.D is committed to continuously growing our knowledge of water safety. If you feel you have the qualities to become a swim instructor visit our Job opportunities web-page and fill out an application.  


Finally, swimming can improve mental health; learning to swim builds self-confidence and can create and strengthen connections; swimming is a great fitness tool and water safety provides protection for the whole family. Swimming can save your life. Begin your swim journey today. It's never to late.