Infant Swim Lessons

Infant Swim Lessons introduce infants, toddlers and parents to the water, to water safety techniques, holds in water environments and water independence.

Ages 6mths - 2 yrs


Swimming is a lifelong activity and we want to make your first experience both exciting and safe. Our parent-child swim lesson class is scheduled to start in March 2020.

$62 per session

$10 non - resident fee

$10 drop-in fee

Spring sessions

Additional Information

Soledad-Mission Recreation District Infant Swim Lessons teach the fundamentals of water safety in around all environments to participants ages 6 month – 2 and parents/guardians. This class is an introductory lesson to the water. A parent's first time in a large body of water with a newborn can be a scary one and we are here to prepare you. Parents are strongly encouraged to be the brave swimmer here. Through the teaching of water holds and water safety skills parents are encouraged to practice these newly taught skills throughout their child’s infancy anytime they are in water environments. Each infant has a different reaction to the water but through patience, bravery and continuous practice your child will be ready and excited to learn as they grow into toddlers and begin their toddler swim lesson experience.  

This class can be taken throughout your child's infancy; as we say at the rec district "practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect." Or take this class and learn the skills necessary to start your child's life to the water in the right way and use those skills at your own leisure. Visit our pool schedule web-page to determine when will be the best time for you and your little one to come and practice the skills learned. 

Swimming is a great fitness tool. Learning to swim builds confidence. Group lessons can create and strengthen connections. Swimming can save your life.  

The Soledad-Mission Recreation District is committed to growing their knowledge of infant swim lessons. One of our biggest ventures is funding and bringing the Infant Swim Resource program to the Monterey County area. If you wish to be a part of this venture please fill out our contact form below and how you can help. 

Our Mission

The Soledad-Mission Recreation District strives to enrich our community through the provisions of facility and programs that enhance wholesome, healthy and positive recreation. 

Our focus is on quality and variety. We want you to be an active part of your Recreation District.

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