Registration closed

Registration for summer 2022 opens spring break 2022

Junior Lifeguard Training

Summer Junior guards will take an intermediate lifeguard course that will teach them the fundamentals of lifeguarding and working for the recreation district. After this one-week course, junior guards sign up for a 2-week volunteer program where they will put their newly honed skills to use. Junior guards will receive a t-shirt and get to work along side our summer 2021 team!

1 week 4 days on instruction and in water jr lifeguard training in the mornings 

2 - 2 hour work study guided work/ shadow (orientation, how to get things done)

sign up for shadow hours - 12 hours. hour volunteer junior guard rec aid

Lifeguard Course

Each session needs a minimum of 6 participants to have the class. If session 1 does not fill, the participants enrollment will roll over to session 1. 

Volunteer training session

Participants must attend one (1) of the two (2) training sessions prior to starting and completing volunteer hours.